Inside the Bear Cage

Welcome to the Bear Cage. What you will find here will be thoughts and opinions based on the ideas on the top of Alex Steinkamp’s mind. This blog was established to help express the ideals and goals that are stewing around on the brain, which will be a mix of personal and professional subject matters.

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The Bear Cage.. What does that mean exactly? Some people might already know exactly what the Bear Cage refers to, but for those who don’t we will dive into some background information. I started my college career studying atmospheric science. From that came a strong interest in severe weather and the power that can be displayed from mother nature. I began to chase thunderstorms in the attempt to capture lightning and tornadoes on camera. The Bear’s Cage refers to a certain area of a storm that is dangerous and has the ability to produce a tornado. This refers to a personal experience I have gone through in my life that I remember very clearly.

As far as the rest of my background it becomes quite diverse with the experience that I possess. Everything from photography to computer programming. I became evolved with photography early in high school and continue my artistic ability through the photographic medium. While still in college I plunged into the computer programming world. I took multiple computer language classes while simultaneously teaching myself a few different computer languages. After seeing the work I had been doing, a professor offered a web designing job where I learned to define my designing abilities and discover new ones. I then began mixing skills together and started studying cartography and geographic information systems (GIS). I was referred by my teachers a GIS researching assistant position with the department head of geography. My work lead me to graduate with a bachelors of science in geography from Ohio University.

I also enjoying watching many types of sporting events while relaxing and taking it easy. During the fall I can usually be found on Sundays watching the Philadelphia Eagles playing and by spring I can be found watching the Cincinnati Reds play some ball. I am physically active year round, but tend to be outside during the summer months.

I encourage any comments, feedback, or ideas for new posts that anyone might have.

We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.”  – Ronald Regan


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