Through A Time Machine


Time travel has always been a fascination of many people throughout history. It is quite an interesting topic to ponder about. What would you do if you were able to go back in time to change something in your life, what would it be?

I began thinking about it lately and discovered exactly what I would change in my past. It all starts five years ago when I was heading into college..

I was a freshman college student beginning my adventure through an unknown world of new experiences and challenges. Trying to juggle everything I had on my plate while living on my own was grueling and exhausting. I realized that I wanted to become more social with my new acquaintances instead of laboring over homework and studying for upcoming exams. I could always make it up later and squeeze by with just an okay grade in the class. Just as long as I received a high enough grade to move onto the next sequence of classes. I would be just fine.  Looking back five years later I realized this is where I would change everything in my life…

That decision to just try to skate by would make me later regret I ever did it. Standing where I am today I would change my whole attitude towards homework. Instead of looking at is as a task that teachers give to torture you because they despise all of their students, I would see it as an exam prep or teaching myself the lesson. I would take more time studying the material rather than worrying about what my friends were doing later that night, just because I didn’t want to miss anything. In my experience this is a very slippery slope to fall down for a new freshman just starting college. You want to be a sociable person when you first get to school you don’t always worry about your homework and you very easily do the minimum to get by.

I have been recently helping someone with their college physics homework. While working on it with them it hit me that I actually missed physics. Yes I actually said I missed physics. And when I was in school I never wanted to do my homework or study it. Needless to say I didn’t do the greatest in the class, but I got by and that was okay for me at the time. I now have to desire to teach myself the physics that I never wanted to learn in class. I want to know more about the theories that control our universe. To do it all again I would try my hardest to become a great student instead of being an average student.

I would take homework a lot more seriously by trying my hardest in classes. If I would have been able to do that I could have set the ground work for anything I wanted to do later in life. Being able to have the highest grade possible would eventually allow me to have my pick in internships. I could work for almost any company that I desired because I put my best foot forward and companies would be able to see that. Those internships would then set up a launching system for my post-college career.  All of these things happen because I chose to take my course work seriously. Now I sit here trying to find a company that will take a chance on an “average” college student when I know that I have an outstanding mindset. I could be working for the top companies that I strive to work for, but instead I have to start from the bottom to get to the top. Now all of my wants and desires will be focused on doing everything I can to achieve my dreams and goals to get to where I want to be. No more doing the bare minimum, but going over the expected values and aspiring to show that I am more than meets the eye.

Just think, if I would have just done my homework more and study a little longer I would have been able to have the world at my finger tips. It is such a little thing, homework. That little thing can pave the road to your future. I know I have a great mind. I could have become a very smart scientist, well established engineer, or groundbreaking revolutionary, but I wasn’t able to show my intelligence to my teacher.. Now the only way I can show anyone what I am able to become is to prove everyone wrong. Get to my goals to prove everyone what I am capable of doing. And my road is much rougher now, I have to make up for my poor judgement in college. I was naive, but out of my mistake I have learned what I need to do better.

Yes I would like to go back and redo my college experience to better my position in the present, but I am unable to do that until scientist actually develop a time machine. So my chin is up from now on and my eyes to the sky.


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